Sweater with logo

Sweater with logo

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Sweaters with logo on front and back. Few in stock. 


    Sweater with logo

    I had my logo printed on the sweaters on the front and back. On the front they have my signature (Linda H) and on the back they have big pink lips, which is linked to my first album, Blacklight (see the backside of the album). There are few sweaters in stock but the come in every size and I can always order more. They are very warm and comfortable. 


    If the sweater is damaged in any way you can return it within 2 weeks from the day you purchase it and get a full refund or a new sweater. You need to send a photo of the damaged area on the sweater within 3 days from when you recieve the sweater. 


    The item can be shipped all over the world with the extra shipping cost of 60 kr. (outside of Skåne in Sweden). 

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