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Why take vocal lessons with Linda?


"My experience in the music industry is quite respectable. Like many singers I struggled with self-doubt and insecurities early on in my career but over the years I have grown stronger with every accomplishment and managed to adapt a more confident mindset where today I can focus more on the joy of singing and writing music rather than trying to meet some arbitrary industry standards.


My journey has taken me on tours all over Europe with many different bands, where I have written and/or performed multiple songs in concert, for radio and on live television. I have written, recorded, produced and released my own music, studied singing in two different countries and am underway to graduate as a licensed CVT teacher from the Complete Vocal Institute in June 2023.  

I have finished many CVT courses already and the singing technique has given me the confidence to sing whatever notes I want, however I want, whenever I want to. Through CVT training I aim to help other singers understand the anatomy of singing and provide them with the tools and techniques needed to condition their muscle memory, taking their singing to a whole new level."

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