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Blacklight - CD

Blacklight - CD

SKU: 364215376135191

CD - "Blacklight" - Linda Hartmanns
Includes 10 singles, 9 of them written and produced by Linda Hartmanns. 


    Blacklight - CD

    This album has 10 pop/rock songs and 9 of them I wrote and produced myself. All of my lyrics are based on true events and come straight from my heart and mind. I recorded the album in Iceland at Stúdíó Hljómur. This is my first album, released in July 2019. 


    If the CD is damaged in any way you can return it within 2 weeks from the day you purchase it and get a full refund or a new CD. 


    The item can be shipped all over the world with the extra shipping cost of 60 kr. (outside of Skåne in Sweden). 

230,00 kr Regular Price
184,00 krSale Price
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